Spring 2013

(the original cypher)






Fall 2013 - Summer 14










Jesse "The Muse" (The King and Founder) 2013

That Riz (The Mind - Lyrical Analyst) 

"Too-Faced" Mullin (The Pope -Style Consultant) 2013-14




Llama Ruckus (Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Songwriter, Radio Personality, Journalist)

Special K/The Borg Defected (Co-Founder, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, DJ)

JaG (Producer, Director, Filmographer) 2013-17

Mark "Mumbles the Slug" Diff (DJ/Mixing Apprentice) 2013-14

Lawrence "Luci" Bilson

(Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist) 2013-15

Blain-P (Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer)

Max Hg/Doc Samson (Rapper, Singer, Guitarist) 2013 - 15

ALSmoove (Rapper, Guitarist) 2013-14

Sound Olympix (EDM duo)

(Special A x Special K)








DJ AA (DJ, Mixtape host, Guitarist, Rapper, Songwriter)

Order Called Funk Three (Llama, Blain-P, AA)

Patrick Coletti (Guitarist) 2014-15

Andrew Martin (Drummer) 

The Grey Area (Songwriter, Drummer, Flow Artist, Skate Artist)

D. Scope (Affiliated Guitarist) 2014-16

Erka (Featured Vocalist)

$h_dow (Rapper, Producer) 2015-16



Kuriosity (Rapper) 2016-17

Chemical Cuisine (EDM duo)

(Blain-P x Llama Ruckus)

DareNevil (Rapper) 2016-17



The AV Club (DJ AA x Llama Ruckus)


(Affiliated Rapper/Spoken Word artist, gamer)

Matt Iac (Guitarist) 



John Harriss

(Radio Personality, Journalist)

DU$TIN (formerly $h_dow)

Johnny "Howyadoin" Kunen (Radio Personality, DJ Host)


Jessie the Muse

Special K/The Borg Defected

Lawrence "Luci" Bilson and Llama Ruckus



Justin "JaG" Taggett

Dan Haughton

"The Grey Area"

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