An Open Love Letter and Apology to Frank De Boer

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Dear Coach Frank De Boer,

I’m Sorry.

After last night’s loss to Toronto FC in the Eastern Conference Finals, I quickly placed blame on you. After our 2019 CONCACAF performance, I doubted your tactics and defensive prowess. I felt this pain in my heart that resembled my anger towards Dan Quinn after Super Bowl LI for not running the ball. I felt the pain that resembled my anger at Bobby Cox for starting Brooks Conrad in the 2010 NLDS. I felt the pain that resembled my anger at Brian Snitker for mismanaging our bullpen during this year’s NLDS. I felt this pain that resembled my anger at Mark Richt for basically every decision made during his last ten years as the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. I have been down this road of disappointments since I first watched Atlanta sports in 1998, and the PTSD has sat with me ever since.

After last year’s dominance of the MLS and this year’s two cup titles….

Frank, you were right. I am spoiled.

This Atlanta football club is a shining example of resilience and unity. Although Josef is our king, his roundtable is filled with knights in shining armor.


Captain Parky.

Lord Larry.


But I must admit, a part of me was scared that losing Nagbe, Parkhurst, and possibly Gressel would be a huge setback for a team that is looking to compete on an international level next March. Even heading into last night’s match, there were concerns for the futures of Pity Martinez, LGP, Mikey Ambrose and George Bello. With the leadership of yourself, Carlos, and Sir Eales, we have only added to our arsenal and provided depth that has officially solidified this dynasty.

I believe in this organization. But please excuse my fears. We’ve seen this before. I am sure you are familiar with "the Team of the 90s” who only managed to win one league title in a span of 15 postseason appearances.

Excuse my trust issues.

With that being said, I want to thank you for such a memorable season. As a coach, you overcame many key player injuries, international leave of absences, compressed scheduling, and player dissension to lead an MLS Champion back to the Conference title match and another CONCACAF Champions League berth.

Ignore my ignorance. Ignore the naysayers. We’ve nailed the spiked. Just keep this train moving. We will see you, next spring.

With much love,

LaMarcus the United

Llama Ruckus is an aspiring songwriter and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. His primary genre is trip-hop; blends of elements from funk, surf rock, chill hop, blues, synthpop, and psychedelic rock/jazz.

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