A Quick 5: June 19, 2019

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

In this series, I just give quick takes on projects, tracks, and bands that did not overly impress me, but stuck in my mind.

Actually, I'm just lazy and didn't really have the energy left to review the following projects in depth. Simple as that.

Mitchell Siburg - Headwind

Nexus was a weak opener, but the drums, dreamy synths and steady but subtle bass of 4837 and Inner Glimpse gave the project a strong close. A fitting pair to the teeny dream vibe, lyrics were painfully emo and desperate even for my lonely a**. 


“Why does everything happen to me?”, hey say on 4837. I almost missed that emo line in my brief trip back the 70s.

Bottom Line: Chillwave and Dream pop are alive… and well enough. Carpark Records is my career path for this guy.

The Best: Inner Glimpse, 4837, Laces

The Meh: Nexus

7/10 for the first listen 

6.5/10 for the deep listen

Better Aged Like Leather: How Am I Just Discovering Men I Trust?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love smooth and chill bands. Toro y Moi, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, BADBADNOTGOOD, No Vacation and Khruangbin are the primary variable inputs to my internal algorithm.

SO HOW DID I MISS OUT ON MEN I TRUST? This is a Canadian chill dream. 

Between the bass guitar and muddled, reverb’d keys, the synth-heavy track creates an ambient atmosphere. Lead singer Emma Proulx has vocals made for a coffee bar soundtrack.

Shout out to Jonathan Hudson in Stone Mountain, Georgia for sending me their latest gem, Norton Commander. Take a bassist to the International Space Station.. and they will bring you a synth and bass line as such. It’s proper cruising music.

Bottom line: Canada, roll yourself a fatty as check this band if you have not given them a shot. 

8.5/10 first release

9.5/10 deep listen

Rhodes Rodosu - Somnium

I am not much of a electronic critic - except when the song is trash. So I’ll keep this one simple: Somnium is infectious and “daft funky". The Mexico DJ's latest full album Textures will be receiving my attention, this week.

10/10 for the first listen 

9/10 for the deep listen

Phrx - Salience/ Wumbo Tapes EP

Phrx delivers a very basic EP and single, but the production value is the selling point. I’d be curious to hear vocals or rapping over these beats.

The Best: Waste Time

The So-So: Goo, Rolling Vapors, Salience

The Meh: Grand

8/10 for the first listen 

6.5/10 for the deep listen

Flynn’s Ego - Beware Vaccoom!!

The first 30 seconds seem like a non-sensical ode to a cat, until Flynn’s Ego drops into a heavy rock jam behind an Ice Cube verse sample that shifts the beat from calm to metal only as Les Claypool could. I’m left wishing Ice Cube had jumped on the Rage Against the Machine wave after releasing The Predator. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to hear the weirdness of An EP About Cat in July.

6.5/10 for the first listen 

7/10 for the deep listen

Llama Ruckus is an aspiring songwriter and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. His primarily genre is trip-hop; blends of elements from funk, surf rock, chill hop, blues, synthpop, and psychedelic rock/jazz.


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