A Quick 5: July 15, 2019

In this series, I just give quick takes on projects, tracks, and bands that did not overly impress me, but stuck in my mind. Basically, I’m lazy and didn’t have the energy to review al the following projects in depth. I’ll put more effort into these reviews, soon. 

The Black Keys - Let’s Rock

I did not expect to limit the Black Keys to a quick review, but this new album was underwhelming. I never thought I’d agree with Pitchfork on a final album rating.

Let’s Rock has it’s moments for sure, but something about this album feels monotonous and generic. I guess this is what happens when a band creates such an iconic sound that they cannot out-do themselves. With that in mind, if you gave this to a Black Keys fan in 2009 and told them it was the band’s next record instead of brothers, they would love it. You get a blend of every Black Keys album since Attack and Release. 

Production as always is top notch and Dan Auerbach’s voice is timeless. I found myself having to replay Dan Auerbach’s solo work after this album. I will say that Tell Me Lies is my favorite track as of now.

The Best: Shine A Little Light, Go, Lo/Hi, Tell Me Lies, Breaking Dawn, Fire Walk With Me

The So-So: Eagle Birds, Every Little Thing, Sit Around and Miss You

The Meh: Walk Across the Water, Get Yourself Together, Under the Gun

First Listen: 6.5/10

Deep Listen: 7/10

Noah Struse

Seems like a good kid, but I wouldn’t stick around for this on an open mic night. Noah Struse may not have the vocal chops to carry a band, but if he keeps working on his acoustic guitar skills, I’m sure he will find his way.  My advice: Ditch the acoustic videos, download a DAW, find a vocalist and bass player, and work from there. 

4/10 First listen

5/10 Deep listen

Swayze - Your Love is Like a Lone Wolf

Don’t you just love when a dance song with sad lyrics comes on in the discotheque after a bad break up? I’m breaking out my fingerless gloves and starting a fight a nearby dying mall's food court.

Swayze wanted feedback with three questions answered:

1.) How's the mix? 


2.) What sticks out to you the most?

The gratuitous amount of purple and pink neon lights lighting up my roller skates.

3.) Can you groove to it???

Yes, but I feel the need to step out in my brightest colored blazer with the sleeves rolled up in order to impress.

In all seriousness, The production is sharp, the vocals serve their purpose, and the retrowave is strong.

8/10 First Listen

7.5/10 Deep Listen

Rhodes Rodosu - Textures

Speaking of the 80s, Future Funk producer Rhodes Rodosu delivers with a solid dance record. I previously reviewed his single Somnium and have not strayed from my high expectations on this full length project. I would highly recommend this gets submitted to Electronic Gems or Artzie Music

The Best: Infesto, Take Me, Horizon, Cindy The So-So: Neon, Out of Your Life, Hotel The Meh: Sudden Kiss, Density, Prysm, 9.5/10 First Listen

10/10 Deep Listen

Sherhuq - Quint S Ence Is this how the Italians like their deep house? I hope so. This track is great for power walking, dancing at the pre-game, or working on a project coming down to the deadline. Steady sub bass drums and atmospheric synths create a dance floor in the celestial clouds.

7/10 First Listen

9/10 Deep Listen

Llama Ruckus is an aspiring songwriter and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. His primarily genre is trip-hop; blends of elements from funk, surf rock, chill hop, blues, synthpop, and psychedelic rock/jazz.


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