A Quick 5: December 2, 2019

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Going back-to-back!! This should be a week filled with reviews and quick takes on projects, tracks, and bands that stuck in my mind. 

Mlady - Mlady EP/Sadder Days

On my initial listen, I hoped that this wouldn’t be just another sad girl with a guitar. But honestly, Mlady had me feeling guilty for breaking the hearts of girls I have never even met (especially on Bad for Me). If Tim Mattsing is my first artist on the new music label of “Coffee Shop Rock", then Mlady is the first lady (let’s just skip this pun opportunity). Although she and her band create dream pop, I enjoy her acoustic guitar tracks like Deep In.

No fedoras were involved with this project. 

The Best: Idky, Bad for Me, Deep In, You’ll Be Happy, Make Up Your Mind

The So-So: 5am Hymn, Sadder Days

First Listen: 6/10

Deep Listen: 8/10

Amir Ali - Lights, Run It Up, and Rosé Flow

Amir Ali makes “F*** the Haters” music for creatives. So look at this guy to be an artist’s favorite artist in the next decade. He creates fun music for work, exercise, or a drive after a crappy day with naysayers. Amir uses autotune, but I would not say that it is a crutch. His all-around self-production makes for concise vision and execution- the autotune is just the cherry on top. My only concern is this: WHEN ARE WE GETTING A FULL TAPE OR EP????

First listen: 6/10

Deep listens: 8/10

Dumbo Gets Mad - Makes You Fly

You know those songs that you initially skip after 20 seconds, but finally give a full listen only to discover it is a jam? Dumbo actually gets funky on this track. It’s a shame that I have just recently discovered this psychedelic funk band. This Italian duo blends bass, horns, and soprano vocals to deliver a dance track for your nearest smoker's lounge. Roll a fat one and jam while waiting for Khruangbin’s next solo record.

First listen: 9/10

Deep listen: 10/10

Otto and Glen Abbot’s Adventures on Mars - AstraalDarkn3ss

AstraalDarkn3ss presents a laid back trip-hop beat tape; perfect as background music for an artist's studio, a gamer's kickback, or a sophomore study session. The best tracks contain excellent video game-esque synths that resemble elements of future funk, synthwave, and bedroom pop.

The Best: Warm Tuesday, Arrow to the Knee, You Can Fly in Your Dreams, The Summer's End 

The So-So: Sunflower, I Don't Want to Know the Meaning of Love

The Meh: You Are My Friend

First Listen: 6/10

Deep Listen: 7/10

New Veins - Summer Sad

Not every guitar riff needs to be complicated. Bram Pratt's simple, cheerful riffs and ironically sad lyrics - plus a fun music video - caught my attention. Furthermore, their latest full-length LP (Pretty Noise - available on Bandcamp) is much of the same melancholy jam band vibes. 

New Jersey, show this band some love!

First Listen: 9/10

Deep Listen: 7.5/10

[Cover Photo - AMIR ALI - Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Film Director]

Llama Ruckus is an aspiring songwriter and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. His primary genre is trip-hop; blends of elements from funk, surf rock, chill hop, blues, synthpop, and psychedelic rock/jazz.


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